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TEDxSPSU - Reva Dandage - Adventures of learning in a real faltu University

Reva Dandage is the co-founder and director of Swaraj University, an alternative university with a focus on self-design learning, including exploration of basic entrepreneurial skills within the context of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. It is India's first university dedicated to strengthening local economies, local cultures and the rich diversity of local traditions. Its two-year program is rooted in the age-old 'guru-shishya parampara' or learning through practical experience with mentors or gurus.

Reva's passion is to create and host alternative spaces for learning, and through Swaraj University, she facilitates young people in co-creating their learning programs towards their passions and dreams.
She is also dedicated to living sustainably and engaging youth in dialogues to challenge their ideas of success and inspire a spirit of compassion and social responsibility in them. 

Her talk is about the journey of her new initiative: Swaraj University. Faltu is a movie, which is a Hindi remake of the movie "Accepted". Swaraj is a kind of University where students make their own curriculum and decide their own path. This talk focuses on the problems with our education system.

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