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Reimagining Nai Taleem - What is meaningful education?: A Conversation with Jyoti Bhai Desai

Jyotibhai Desai is one of the most creative and radical Gandhian educationists in the world. Having gone to Oxford University, he has over 60 years experience in the field of education and has worked with thousands of teachers. This film explores some of his ideas and experiments. In the era of Edtech and NEP, Jyoti Bhai is critical of prefabricated centralized syllabi and calls for learning content and pedagogies to emerge dynamically out of real world contexts, problems and situations. He believes this is what can create truly meaningful and powerful education. This film is part of the Reimagining Nai Taleem Series. Nai Taleem was M.K. Gandhi's call for a new holistic education system which focuses on Heart, Hands, Home and Head and promotes Swaraj (harmony of the Self). Film by Vidhi Jain, Hemant Sahi, Sanjay Maharishi and Qudrat. Shikshantar Films copyleft 2022. 

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