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Jail University Musicians - Parmeshwar Bhai

This is a sweet love song written, composed and sung by Parmeshwar bhai, an inmate-learner in the Udaipur Jail University. In addition to singing, Parmeshwar bhai has been recently learning mime theatre and organic farming in the Jail University. He is also supporting and mentoring other inmates to learn classical music. The Jail University is a place for inmates to explore their deeper passion and purpose. We have set up a little recording studio and music academy in the Udaipur central jail with them. Stay tuned for songs from several more jail musicians. Special thanks to facilitators Priyank Kashyap, Monu Kushwaha, Diken Patel, Indira Talreja and Superintendent S. Shekhawatji. Big thanks to Sanjay Maharishi and Govind kharol for making this video. Shikshantar Films 2019, Creative Commons.

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