The Peoples' Institute for Re-thinking Education and Development

The Culture of Schooling Cartoon Book

We are excited to share this little booklet of cartoons that seeks to expose aspects of the culture of factory schooling. 

There are cartoons about the schooled mind, the exam system, degrees, debt, digitization. the idea of development and success, money and package, global economy, etc. We need to understand the game and its design in order to decide whether we want to play it or not.

These cartoons have been crowdsourced from the internet and are being re-shared in the spirit of copyleft.

We hope this little booklet inspires you to create and share your own cartoons with us based on your experiences with the culture of schooling. As they say, "a good cartoon is worth a thousand lectures."

Special thanks to Sierra, Prachi, Abhishek, Mahi, Chiara, Alex, Aerin.


Download PDF: