The Peoples' Institute for Re-thinking Education and Development

Rakhi as a Post-Human Opening

"I believe Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is one of the most important festivals for healing ourselves and the world today. It is a celebration of mutual care, gratitude and inter-beingness. We need to reclaim it from the narratives of the nation state and the Market and offer it to our friends around the world with the spirit of vasudev kutumbakam. The sacred ritual of tying a rakhi thread gives us a practical and simple tool to radically expand our sense of self and sense of family - we can literally add family members to our lives.

People in villages tie rakhi threads not only on their human brothers and sisters but also on the more than human beings. When they/we tie these rakhis on their trees, animals, gates, books, even motorcycles, they/we are symbolically breaking free from the modernist, schooled anthropocentric mindset and, in the most profound sense, acknowledging/surrendering to the vast intelligence and care of many other beings who co-create life with us." - Manish Jain, Shikshantar